Masala Kitchen comprises of a family of passionate individuals led by founder and owner, Chef Vikram Shenoy. His father, a zealous yoga instructor and mother, a certified nutritionist and phenomenal home cook inspired his wholesome culinary style and recipes. He conceptualized Masala Kitchen, created the recipes as well as personally guided and trained every member.

Our troupe of chefs are spirited and highly experienced, having worked at major 5-star properties across the country. Meticulous, dedicated and diligent, they make sure all of our preparations are on point, every time.

Our in-house delivery team is as dependable as it is swift. They strive to deliver your order to you hot and on time. Co-ordinating with them is our front desk and customer relations team, to ensure your order reaches you correctly and assist you with anything that you need.

Last, but definitely most important of all, our irreplaceable utility team that guarantees everything is hygienic as per HACCP standards. Hardworking and efficient, the team forms the very backbone of our kitchen.