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CoVid-19 Measures and outlook:

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Updated: 06th June 2020

The Coronavirus / Covid-19 is the worst Pandemic that the world has seen in over a hundred years. It has made day to day living quite complex and has put us into an spiral that is quite unknown and unprecidented. However, the dynamics of today differ from back then, hence, we can slow down, lock in, but probably cannot stop.

In light of this, its essential that normal life of yesterday prevails albeit the safety we need today and tomorrow.

We at Masala Kitchen, a brand run and managed by VSK Hospitality, have taken the utmost care to bridge these worlds. Implementing the need of the hour, being mandatory masks, Sanitisers, and various such measures, we are aspiring to achieve higher stratospheres of safety. We have listed down everything that we are doing, and will keep updating our posts as and when we make more changes. In this critical time and situation, we consider us to bare a moral and social responsibity to provide a cooked meal for our beloved patrons under the strictest and most stringent hygiene measures:


We have always followed the highest hygiene and quality standards since we opened 5 years ago, due to the training that i took an as an IHM Graduate, and my stints with 5-Star Hotels in India and abroad. Most of the HACCP standards are put into practice when we actively cook and handle your food. Some of them, including certain current issue pertaining measures are:

1. Masks and gloves to all our kitchen handlers while handling food and packaging

2. Hand washing stations for riders, as well as kitchen staff. Timed washing of hands every hour.

3. All Parcel containers are "DOUBLE PACKED" to prevent rider contact to meals. They are sealed with tapes to prevent tampering. Instructions on the parcel packaging.

4. UV Light treatment of Parcel containers and all receivables

5. Temperature checks of all our staff on a daily basis.

6. Temperature of meals mentioned on the packaging

7. Our present Team is accommodated on our premises to avoid any external elements, or the dangers of public transportation.

Timings of operation are curated accordingly (12 pm to 3 pm/ 6 pm to 12 am)

8. Provision of Value Meals to make everyday eating possible and affordable in these critical times. (Available in Take Away - Order HERE)

9. External delivery boys (Zomato and Swiggy) are "NOT" allowed on premises to minimise external influence and are provided delivery packages via a transfer window and sanitised every 15 min. Minimum point of contact.

10. Temperature checks, Social Distancing norms, for all riders (In House and External) is done on each order.

11. Great offers and discounts on Take Away - Click HERE

Delivery: (In-Operational for Time Being)

Our delivery boys are constantly trained in maintaining active health and sanitation standards, and trained in regards of this particular situation:

1. Riders are handling all delivery packages strictly with gloves on and with face masks.

2. Hand washing areas designated for utilisation after every order completion.

3. Sanitiser provided with each order to complete delivery safety cycle

4. We have introduced "Contactless Delivery" options on our Online portal

5. All bags are sanitised after each order and wiped down

We will keep updating this space as we make upgradation to our standards in regards to this particular situation. Thank you for being there for us through thick and thin. We are eternally grateful and hope we can keep bringing smiles and pleasurable experiences!



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