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What the f*** is Masala Kitchen?

I thought this Blog post was a necessity. Considering we have been up and running since the April of 2015, and my personal choice of being in the shadows, i always felt the brand to have a perception problem. So i thought i would address it a bit today.

Hi There! We are Masala Kitchen. We are a modern pre-demonitisation, pre-gst, pre-online delivery is booming, Delivery/Catering/ Corporate Kitchen started by me, Vikram Shenoy, or should i say Chef Vikram Shenoy. Cool!

A small bit of History before the writeup. We have been in the restaurant business from the 40's from my loving super awesome Grandpa, Vyankatesh Appu Shenoy, the same 10 paise in his pocket, came to Mumbai story. He found a job in a restaurant, and eventually ended up owning that place (due to the owners not having an offspring, and finding my grandpa worthy. Yes, he was worthy! Thor might have lost his hammer too!)

Participated in the Freedom struggle as a Freedom fighter, gave money away to anybody who needed help, while taking on loans from the other end. After marriage, grandma made him stop his charitable ways, yet he would succeed. Fought the elections, won from Worli Constituency, MLA. He was awesome!

In 1969, he started our last and final restaurant, after the other 3 he gave away to his brothers in Worli. It ran till 2005. After which i decided to get into the restaurant business. I was in the 12th grade in 2007. Cleared the Exams, joined IHM Mumbai, and began the culinary journey. Secured jobs in a few places after graduation, though joined the Taj Group, at their flagship property The Taj Mahal Palace and Towers in Colaba, Apollo Bunder. Stints at the Buffet Kitchens, and after a run at their Indian restaurant, left the property for greener pastures. A few stints at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai and standalone restaurants in Mumbai, the year by then was 2014 when i decided to venture on my own.

The idea behind Masala Kitchen was to run a premium yet affordable (Super contradictory, yes!) concept that uses fresh, high quality ingredients, and gives out an unparallel and unique food experience. There is absolutely no use of artificial ingredients, or colouring agents within our kitchens, and everything is prepared be continued


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